v. (latin)

be strong or vigourous | thrive | flourish | be active | be effective 


At Vigeo we have a passion for helping individuals, teams and organisations to thrive, grow and perform. 

unlock your



Elite athletes have long since worked with coaches to help them perform at their best. Why should business be any different?


We will support and encourage you to set aspirational goals, stretch yourself and make positive change. We walk alongside of you, helping you to find insights and clarity so you can 

identify and challenge the old thinking that is holding you back from reaching the next level.  We help you to get the best from you and your team.



High Performance.


"An organisation's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage." 

- Jack Welch



What sets successful organisations apart? It's culture.  Culture is about the execution of strategy. It is through your people you achieve results. There is nothing soft and fluffy about culture. It is the lifeblood of an organisation and drives results. Leaders have a huge impact on culture! We help you grow the capability of your leaders, so you can grow your business.


I had the pleasure of working with Heidi at Paymark.  Heidi greatly assisted me in my career development, particularly in the soft skill qualities of leadership, coaching, mentoring, team development and effective communication.  Heidi's ability to apply best people management approaches into everyday workplace situations is exceptional.  Personally, I have learnt more about leadership and coaching under Heidi's guidance and 1:1 mentoring over the past 2 years than at any othe time in my career. 


Greg Garland, Finance Manager


Heidi Parlane, Vigeo



Heidi understood our brief. Our team felt relaxed in her presence and openly shared their views. She provided invaluable findings and recommendations.  I look forward to working with Heidi again in other areas of our business.


Robyn O'Reilly, CEO Agile Integration 


you wish to see in the world. 


- Ghandi

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